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Premium Quality Non-Slip Fabric Resistance Bands Set

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  • Multifunctional – These elastic non-slip fabric resistance bands can be used by men and women at any fitness level, this set allows you to adjust the intensity of your workout sessions at will.
  • Achieve your dream body - Activate your hip flexors, fire up your glutes, and get that six-pack ready for the summer! This resistance bands set will help you add more resistance to your lunges, leg raises and squats. You can even use it as a supplement for recovery and physical therapy sessions.
  • Built to last – the high-quality materials, used in this set ensure that it will serve you for years to come!
  • Achieve your goals anywhere – lightweight and portable, the bands in this set allow you to get your workout regardless of where you are. Perfect for the gym, park, travelling, outdoor activities and more!
  • The set includes: Two Non-Slip Elastic Fabric Resistance Bands, two Core Sliders along with an easy to carry bag.

Designed with simplicity and eco-friendliness in mind, this non-slip fabric resistance bands set and its core sliders allows you to bring a quality and wellness product to your home at a reasonable price. Built in line with the professional athletic guidelines, our set offers you invaluable help on your workout journey. Lightweight and compact, our fabric resistance bands set will always be at your side – in the gym, at home, on the playground or while travelling! Designed with a broad range of exercises in mind, it allows you to work on your biceps, triceps, chest, upper and lower back, abs, glutes and legs – your imagination is the limit!

  • Your Secret Training Weapon - Our premium quality non-slip elastic fabric resistance bands Set allows you to strengthen your upper body, hone your core and fine-tune your legs with ease! Fire up your glutes, activate your hip flexors, warm up your lower body for squats and deadlifts and more!
  • Multifunctional – Use it to supplement any bodyweight exercise!
  • Effective and Affordable – Much cheaper than weightlifting sets or workout machines
  • Premium Quality – Our tried and tested production methodology ensures excellent flexibility and maximum no-snap-ability!
  • Lightweight and compact – Bring your workout with you wherever you go!
  • Safe for the environment – Natural, eco-friendly materials that allow you to get in shape and lower your carbon footprint at the same time!

Included in the set, you will find:

  • 2 Fabric Resistance Bands
  • 2 Gliding Discs
  • 1 Compact Bag